About Gooty Municipality

Gooty Municipality is 8th largest ULB in the Anantapuramu district of A.P. it is spread over an area of35.08 Sq.Kms. With a population of 48583(2011 census).  It is known for/famous for its  The fort is situated in the Town by Name "GOOTY FORT" which is under the control of AP Tourism.
It is located 360  Kms. From Capital city and 52 Kms.  From District Headquarters. It was established as Gooty Grade III Municipality in the year 2011 There are  4 Zones / and  24 election wards in this municipality.
Longitute : 15.1210° N,
Lattitued : 77.6340° E
Climate and  Rainfall:
Gooty Town, in general, has a tropical climate, winters last from Novermber to February, while summers last from March to June.  Thie annual reainfall is mm,  most of it received during the months of August- October 2015
The Population of the town which was 42389 in 2001 increased to 48583 in 2011 with an increase of 15% in the lase decade. The sex ration is 1032 % Females per 1000 males.  The literacy rate  is 76.91% 49% of the male population and 51% of the female population are literate.
In Gooty Municipality  most of the peoples dependes on Agriculture Environmental Issues The Gooty town climate is Mostly  hot and a drought area with low rain fall
Urban Poor:
In Gooty town 80% of the Population live in slums and they are daily labour of Agricultural Labours
History & Culture:
This fort is locally pronounced as Gutti, is located in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh In India. Previously this place was known as Gowthampuri and later renamed as Gooty. This area was ruled by Ashoka the Great. A little later this place was under the Vijayanagar Empire and king Krishnadevaraya was ruling over here. History moved slowly and Nayaka dynasties come into force and later Bahmani Sultunet also powered on this place. Mysore Kingdom ruled over this place and Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan were the administrator of this place for a long time. At last, Asaf Jahi ruled this place till the India got independence and the area merged with Union of India and lastly converted into Andhra Pradesh on 1st Jan 1960. This was the historical background of this area. The fort of Gooty considered the most ancient building in Andhra Pradesh hilly area. The very first inscriptions which were found here were written in Sanskrit or Kannada script and revealed the construction period of this fort as 7th century. According to various inscriptions, this fort was under control of administrator of Trichy Fort. Others say that this fort was much important in the region and that’s why called the King of forts. According to history, at a time this fort was captured by the governors of Qutub Shahi and remained in the control of Muslim rulers of Mysore and Golkunda states for a long period. A Brahmin, who later converted his religion into Muslim Zeruwar Khan, was commanding this fort after the declining of Mysore Sultanate. British attacked on this fort and captured.
In olden days the Gooty is very popular fort  its fort built by  kings of Kakatiya dynasty and fort is being protected by the archaeological department.recently it has been proposed by the State Government to develop Gooty as a Tourist Place for its historical Fort.